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Hand Painted Moth Wings

Hand Painted Moth Wings

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From my popular Moth Wings Cloak pattern...comes the actual Moth Wings Cloak!

A lot of people have asked for their own cloak that they don't have to make and I'm here to offer them.

Each cloak is made from upcycled cotton and bamboo viscose fabric which is hand-cut, hand-dyed, and hand-painted! I wanted to offer a piece of art that turns heads at the Ren Faire while being comfortable, hand-made, and affordable. The cloak attaches at the front with a stylish hook and eye closure for a sure stay but can be worn around the shoulders like a shawl. Make sure to avoid any lights while you're wearing this cloak or you might get distracted!

Perfect Gift For:

  • Moth lovers
  • Ren Faire attendees
  • Cottagecore or Fairycore aesthetics
  • Cloak lovers

Item Specifications:

  • 5'8" Wingspan (tip to tip)
  • Hand-cut, hand-dyed, hand-painted with love
  • Fully lined
  • Made from upcycled cotton and bamboo viscose
  • Decorative closure

Note: These are handmade goods so slight color variety between wings is normal!

Care Instructions:
The paint used is safe for fabrics and can be easily cleaned with soap and water without damaging the pattern or running. I recommend spot-cleaning any stains or handwashing the overall garment. Air drying is preferred but can be put in the dryer on low heat and low tumble. Can be ironed at medium heat but avoid leaving the iron on heavily painted areas to avoid burning the paint.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

The wings are gorgeous!! They came with some stickers and a note. Overall they are beautiful and I will be wearing them in the future!!

So glad they arrived safe and sound! Now go fly and be free! (but watch out for any lamps)


Love them! The wings are nicely painted and lined with a soft cotton. The clasp and shoulders stay in place but aren't too confining. I added fuzzy layers for a warm Halloween costume, but like that the wings themselves aren't bulky. The seller packed them beautifully with personal touches.

OH MY GOODNESS YOU LOOK AMAZING! I'm so glad you enjoyed and now are apart of the moth army HEHEHE


Exactly as pictured, lovely detail. Will help make a perfect Halloween costume, and possibly just wear it around the house when I need to feel a little more fae. Came in a lovely package (inside a mail safe box) with care instructions.

So glad you enjoyed! I strongly encourage putting these on when you need some more whimsy and fae in your life, it's like an instant mood boost!